January 5, 2015

Awful hangover day (Portland, OR)

Woke up yesterday with a terrible headache: extreme self-hatred, bad headache, the whole thing. It lingered all day and into the night. Nevertheless, I:
  • Breakfasted at Tabor Tavern with Katie and Jeff. He's not such a bad guy. There have been a few red flags, but maybe I'm being overprotective of the kid. I had the breakfast sandwich with a salad. Bellisimo!
  • Practiced with Pat and Jonanthan. We sounded pretty good. I wasn't feeling very steady on my feet (due to the hangover), but Jonathan brought some pizza and it had a restorative effect on my system. It took several tries for me to get all the way through "Bad Teacher" for some reason.
  • Went to Uzbekistan Grill (on 184th and Burnside) with Dan and Christy. I got the Uzbek Plov and a glass of Russian Kvas. If anyone ever asks you, Plov is good, Kvas is okay, and people are crazy. Good time and conversation with the dynamic—and adulterous—duo.
  • Put myself to bed at eight or nine. I started watching the second season of Small Wonder on my phone while nursing the headache and laying under my blanket with the dog. Jonathan texted a few times to invite me to Pizza's party, but I couldn't bear the thought of more booze.
  • Took a Klonopin at ten-thirty and was out like a light by eleven. I woke up this morning at seven-something and hit the snooze two times. Blessed sleep! Nepenthe!

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