January 10, 2015

"I thought I saw a fly!" (Portland, OR)

Gem to concerned interloper at B-Side patio last night, after I smashed a bar glass on the table: "I thought I saw a *fly* on it."

Texts from J.N.S. to me after she left my house in a huff at three a.m.: 

"I hate Daniel"
[various similar stuff]
"I accidentally sent [redacted] the message about my purse and then I thought I was talking to him"

Ha ha! Guess I shouldn't work so hard to alienate people. 

Also, so hungover. I be at Biddy's right now. Got a Birds In Basket in front of me. It comes with sausage, and the call the sausage a "pub banger". Makes me think of a "club banger" like "Turn Down for What", but they're obvioudky very different animals. 

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