February 21, 2015

At Lucky House, pre-karaoke (Portland, OR)

Got back from Eugene a few hours ago. I was there for the log show. Family Day (Saturday, the last day of the show) was as trying as usual. Those people are fucking vermin. 

Kate got her car repossessed. Naturally, I'm now stuck walking the dogs for the evening as she scampers off to New Boyfriend's place to evade responsibility for the night. Granted, she *did* watch Big Chester all week, but still, I fucking hate walking/dealing with those beagles. 

Really I'm just mad that her and New Boyfriend insist on bullshitting/bait-and-switching me on [redacted]. Why do people make up that kind of thing? THEN AGAIN, I suppose The Lord helps those who help themselves... Still, I don't wanna walk those dogs. 

E.B. stopped calling. Guess I'm not as charming as I used to be. 

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