July 27, 2018

Last night (7/26) was thoroughly excellent

Last night (7/26) was thoroughly excellent. I hope to never forget it.

Forge a bunch of reference points to those moments—anteaters, the mighty Deschutes, sleeping in her 100-degree apartment—for multiple redundant ways to summon this memory in case some fail one day.

July 18, 2018

July 18, north of Eugene, OR (Exit 228)

Tonight was one of the really good ones. Don't forget it. Started as a regular Wednesday, but dang... it ended up being a doozy.

July 15, 2018

Agate Alley, 10:20 p.m. (Eugene, OR)

There's a female dwarf (!) singing "When You Say Nothing At All" by Alison Krause and Union Station and she's killing it. She sounds really good. 

I'm up next. Hope I do a good job. [Later: I sang "Because The Night". I did fine—people clapped. The version they have here is in B minor; I can sing it, but it's pretty low. Last time I sang it (at Candlelight) it was in E minor.]

And I'm back y'all: writing in my little blog like a teenage girl. But whatever, if I'm going back to drinking all night and fucking anything with a pulse, I might as well document it. 

Also, I'm in Eugene because I decided I needed a vacation. It's nonsense, of course. I'm going to Oakland tomorrow. I'm just here for the night. I sorta forced myself to do it so I'd get out of Portland—hell, getting out of the house is good—and do something different. 

And if we're being perfectly honest, I'm *strongly* motivated by a desire to see [redacted] again. We texted a bit and she brought up a rendezvous. Of course I enthusiastically agreed that it would be a good idea. But then I texted her with actual, concrete plans and she never replied. Fuck. 

But whatever, I'm kinda having fun. Every inch of this town is laden with memories for me; big steaming double-helpings of them. I've been to this particular bar with EMB and ATS (obviously years apart) and loved em both at the moments we embraced here. Or causally co-existed here or whatever. I can almost see myself sulking and halfheartedly participating in the conversation with ATS and her sister in the corner booth across from where I'm sitting at this moment. Memories, man! They're insane. 

I'll summarize the last two years... Actually, I won't. Later. Maybe. 

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